Cellular and Molecular Neurophysiology

This 5th edition will be ready in 2024

Cellular and Molecular Neurophysiology, Fifth Edition, is the only up-to-date textbook on the market that focuses on the cellular and molecular physiology of neurons and synapses. Hypothesis-driven rather than a dry presentation of the facts, this book promotes a real understanding of the function of nerve cells that is useful for practicing neurophysiologists and students in a graduate-level course on the topic alike.

This new edition explains the molecular properties and functions of these excitable cells in detail and teaches students how to construct and conduct intelligent research experiments. The content is firmly based on numerous experiments performed by top experts in the field. The new edition contains two new chapters, one on the metabotropic receptors for olfactory transduction and the other on the explanations of techniques used in neuroscience research. This book will be a useful resource for neurophysiologists, neurobiologists, neurologists, and students taking graduate-level courses on neurophysiology.

Cover figure legend: CREB phosphorylation (in green) produced after single-cell stimulation is limited to the neighboring MAP2-positive neurons (in blue) surrounding the stimulated neuron (in red). Courtesy of Christophe Porcher.

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